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Web design
Sportx is a card strategy game by turns, allow users to customize teams and play on eve and pop mode. I designed the  NFT marketplace where players can buy, share and sell theirs characters and football icons.
My role: Product Designer
The design of an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Marketplace was a short but challenging project I worked on. The goal was to create a marketplace that allowed users to buy and sell NFTs in a seamless and intuitive way. My role was to design the landing page for the marketplace, the marketplace itself, and the user flows for login, sign in, and buy/sell an NFT.
Discovery Phase
To begin, I conducted secondary research to understand the current landscape of NFT marketplaces and identify pain points that users were facing. I also looked into user behavior, preferences, and motivations.
Design Phase
Using the insights gathered from the discovery phase, I began designing the landing page for the marketplace. I focused on creating a clean and visually appealing layout that conveyed the benefits and features of the platform.
The landing page and marketplace design were both visually appealing and easy to navigate, and the user flows were intuitive and straightforward.
The design was completed within a one-week sprint, and the feedback from stakeholders and users was positive.
Brand guidelines
Additionally, I designed the logo and brand guidelines for the marketplace, which helped to establish a strong visual identity and build trust with users.
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