Case Study
Developer Portal
Product Design
UX research
Hola Cash, a SaaS payment OS company, had a Developer Portal that provided developers with access to essential documentation but failed to offer a user-friendly experience.
Developers found it difficult to navigate and struggled to understand the integration process. I led the redesign of the Developer Portal to address these challenges.
My role: Lead product Designer/product manager
The team: UX writer, Software developer
Problem Statement

How can we enhance the Developer Portal to provide accessible and easy-to-find information for developers and merchants, delivering a seamless and user-friendly integration experience

Research process
Competitor analysis identified opportunities, user flows, best practices.
Primary research:
Reviewed existing user feedback from Customer Support (+120 Support tickets in Zendesk). Interviewed external and internal developers.
Analysis and synthesis:
Affinity mapping and Issue tree methodology to gathered, organized and analyzed findings and pain points.
Detected Opportunities
2. Cohesion and order: Information mixed between sections, information saturation
3. Clear path to register
4. Products were not showcased by user needs: Users can’t find the information they are looking for.
The Developer portal’s original home page
Design Solution
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